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Krakatau (or Rakata) is a volcanic archipelago that is still active and is in the Sunda Strait, between Java and Sumatra. This name is also pinned on a volcanic peak there (Mount Krakatoa) which vanished due to cataclysmic eruptions on August 26-27, 1883.
In 2019, the area which is now a nature reserve has four small islands: Rakata Island, Anak Krakatau Island, Sertung Island, and Panjang Island (Small Rakata).
4 Days 3 Night
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Day 1: Jakarta - Krakatau Volcano - Overnight at the Border of Ujung Kulon

Early morning at 05:00  you will be picked up at Hotel in Jakarta by our representative, and then proceed to the coastal town of Carita by a private car which takes around 3 hours, arrival at Carita is around 8 am,  and breakfast will be provided at the local restaurant where you can enjoy  cup of coffee and. And after we have had breakfast, we prepare to go by cruise to Krakatau Volcano by a speed boat which takes around 1,5 hours.  Arrival at Krakatau is around 10:30 am. Then we continue to go climb the Child of Krakatau where you will enjoy the beautiful landscape which can be seen from the first level. Explore the wonder of Krakatau, volcanic activity recommenced in May, 1883, and continued into August, the first eruptions appearing on the northern, Perbuatan volcano. The number of active vents increased on both the northern volcanoes. On the 26th and 27th August a series of cataclysmic explosions occurred which were heard as far away as South Australia and Ceylon. They generated tsunamis (tidal waves) that were registered even in the English Channel, and which in the Sunda Strait area were devastating, killing more than 36,000 people. And after we explored the Krakatau, proceed back to the boat where you will continue to go by cruise to go around the Child of Krakatau where you can take a picture. Explore Krakatau, and then we go by cruise to Rakata Island where you will do for snorkeling activity at Rakata Island. Lunch will be provided at the beach where you can enjoy the beautiful day. Free program. In the afternoon at 2:30 Pm, we prepare to go by cruise back to Carita by a speed boat which takes around 1,5 hours. Arrival at Carita is around 4 pm. Then proceed to the border of Ujung Kulon. Arrival at the border is around 6:30 Pm, then check in ( Lodge).

Day 2: Cibiuk - Handeulum - Cigenter River Birding

Breakfast will be provided at the lodge around 7:30, then prepare to visit Cibiuk . Explore Cibiuk. Then continue to go by cruise to Handeuleum Island where you will stay overnight at Handeuleum Island. Handeuleum Island situated among a group of small island just off the north eastern coast of the Ujung Kulon Peninsula, the Handeuleum Island area offers river experiences with a variety of forests, wildlife and wetlands in a peaceful location away from the main tourist routes. Arrival at Handeuleum Island , then check in (Lodge ). Free program for a while. And afterwards, we prepare to go by cruise to Cigenter River where you will enjoy the beautiful canoe activity at Cigenter. Cigenter River Trips, canoe trips up the Cigenter River are somewhat influenced by tides and trees across the river and if conditions are right the canoes can travel deep into the forest. The Cigenter’s waters meanders through dense overhanging rain forest, the habitat of pythons and hornbills where crocodile and Rhino may also be seen on rare occasions. The charm of this river lies in its tranquil, primeval beauty. Explore the incredible canoe activity. Then proceed back to the lodge. Dinner will be provided.

Day 3: Handeuleum - Peucang Island - KarangCopong Tour - Cidaon Tour

After breakfast at the lodge prepare to continue to go by cruise to Peucang Island by boat which takes around 2 hours approximately. On the way cruise to Peucang Island, we will show you the beautiful coral reefs where you can do for snorkeling activity at Nyawaan Beach. Explore Nyawaan Beach. Lunch will be provided. Then cruise to Peucang Island. Check in (Lodge). Free program where you can do beaching at the beautiful Peucang Island, the unique and delightful island of Peucang lies in clear blue waters off the north western coastline of the Ujung Kulon Peninsula. Its white-sand beaches and coral reef shores hold a fascinating world of marine life while Peucang’s impressive forest shelters an abundance of wildlife, some of which graze and play around the lodges. Opposite Peucang Island across a 800 meters channel is the Ujung Kulon Peninsula with a wide variety of attraction. Peucang Island’s beach is superb for swimming and shallow snorkeling reefs are also found all along the shore. For deeper snorkeling there are coral reefs to the east, midway between the Island and mainland, walks and trips to KarangCopong, this pleasant walk north on Peucang Island passes through towering forests to a rock archway beyond which are the reef pools of KarangCopong. The trail leads to the top of a bluff overlooking the reef from where spectacular tropical Sunset can be seen. Enjoy KarangCopong. Then we prepare to go by cruise to Cidaon grazing grounds, situated on the Peninsula opposite Peucang Island, this large grasslands with an observation tower is the grazing grounds for Banteng, pigs, monkeys, peafowl and on very rare occasions Java Rhinoceros. Explore the beautiful Cidaon, where you can enjoy the beautiful Sunset. And after that, proceed back to the boat where you will enjoy the beautiful Sunset while you are sitting on the jetty where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and tea and also fried Banana. Then cruise back to Peucang Island. Free program. Dinner will be provided.

Day 4: Peucang Island - Cibom - Ciramea Beach - TanjungLayar – Muara Baru – Jakarta

Breakfast will be provided at 7 am, then we prepare to go by cruise to Cibom where you will do for jungle trekking to Ciramea. After taking a boat to Cibom, the direct route to Ciramea travels through the forest to a shelter at the southern and of Ciramea Beach. This sandy coastline is the egg – laying site for turtles particularly between June and September and there are panoramic views south to the sea-stacks and headlands of the SanghiangSirah area. Explore the beautiful Ciarema Beach. Then we continue to TanjungLayar Historical Site where two previous lighthouses and staff quarters were constructed in the 1800’s. Explore TanjungLayar. And after that, proceed back to Cibom where you will be transferred back to Peucang Island for lunch. Lunch will be provided. Then we prepare to go by cruise back to the border of Ujung Kulon, where you will be transferred back to Jakarta. End of tour.

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