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In Between The Twins at Central Java

Have you ever dream of watching the sun rise while sipping a cup of coffee by the mountains? The morning breeze and the scenerry of Mount Sindoro and Sumbing upon the colours of the sunrise will definatley fullfill you. The freedom and carefree feeling it brings you is priceless. 

Among the dominizing height and the cold air of Temanggung, West Java, hides a secret paradise called Posong. Be there by 04.00 a.m. and you’ll be greeted by the rising sun, as well as the twin mountains standing with Pride.

As you reach Parakan Market, head straight and continue until you reach the Kledung District. Beware of the small board with Posong written on it, on the left side of the road as you have to turn and start the ascending track to reach your destination.

The ride to the destination it self is quiet a challenge as the road is rocky and ascending. To reach the track it self is not easy, especially because it was four in the morning. But, all the trouble will be worth it as you reached Posong. You’ll see a small coffee shop where you can buy hot coffee or tea to warm yourself with. You can sit on the gazebos provided and wait for the sun to rise.

As it rises, you’ll be facing Mount Sumbing, as you’re standing on his older brother, Sindoro. Soon, other mountains will seem to appear from a distance. You’ll see a glimpse of Mount Merbabu, Merapi, Telomoyo, Muria, and Unggaran accompanied by the soft clouds. You’ll be grateful and feel blessed. It will seem like you’re problem-free as you breathe the fresh air.

Although, before you go, you should be prepared to face the cold air not everyone can stand. Bring your coat, and then double it. Wear warm gloves and thick socks inside your boots so you’ll be comfortable as you enjoy the view. And, it is suggested that you come during the dry season, because the rainy season will only offer you the foggy sky.

Posong also gives you the opportunity to see billions of stars in the night sky before dawn, something you rarely see in crowded cities. So if you come on the right time, you’ll be able to experience the beauty of both day and night.


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